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6 Inch Multi-Flow Drainage Pipe
Part #06000 -- 6" Multi-Flow 150’ roll

6-inch connectors
Multi-Flow connectors allow for extensive flexibility in drainage system design.

Basic connectors

Part #06001
6" Endcap

Part #06002
6" Coupler Description
Part #06003
6" Side Outlet Description
Part #06004
6" End Outlet Description
6 Inch Endcap
6 Inch Coupler
6 Inch Side Outlet
6 Inch End Outlet

Multi-purpose connectors
All multi-purpose connectors, most commonly the 06009 and the 0600M,
can be used in a variety of combinations using standard 3-inch PVC or ABS fittings:

  • They can be used as bottom outlets.
  • An inspection port can be added to the top, allowing visual monitoring of the water flow.
  • A riser can be installed between a deeper transport pipe and this fitting.
  • They can be joined together allowing for multiple lifts of Multi-Flow in a single trench.
Part #06005
6" Wye
Part #06006
6" Double Wye
Part #06007
6” Tee
Part #06008
6” Cross
6 Inch Wye
6 Inch Double Wye
6 Inch Tee
6  Inch Cross

Part #06009
6” Coupler

Part #0600M
6” Single-Sided Coupler

Part #0600N
6” 90 Degree
6 Inch MP Coupler
6 Inch Single Sided Coupler
6 Inch 90 Degree

Multi-Purpose Outlets
Varicore's Multi-Purpose Outlets can be used either vertically or horizontally and they outlet to either Corrugated Pipe or Rigid Pipe depending on the type of outlet chosen.

Part #06023
6" Side Outlet to 4" Corrugated (Corru-Tap)
Part #06033
6" Inline Side Outlet to 4" Corrugated (Corru-Tap)
6 Inch Corru-Tap

Part# 06043
6" Side Outlet to 3" Rigid
Part# 06044
6" End Outlet to 3" Rigid
Part# 06053
6" Inline Side Outlet to 3" Rigid

Horizontal Connectors
Varicore's horizontal connectors facilitate connections to horizontal Multi-Flow in different configurations depending on the connector chosen, they also serve as outlets.

Part #06016
6" Horizontal Double Y
Part #06018
6" Horizontal Cross
Part #0601N
6" Horizontal 90 Degree

Photos of these 6-inch horizontal fittings are shown from what
is normally used as the bottom side of the fitting,
in order to display the outlet.

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