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Columbia, Missouri: Resident

A resident of Columbia, Missouri was plagued by soggy soil around his house. Getting his lawn and shrubs to flourish was a losing battle. Not that this was an uncommon problem in his area! The thick Missouri clay in Columbia might be great for pottery, bricks, and tile but it is disastrous for drainage. The upper left photo documents the result of a downpour prior to the Multi-Flow solution.

The homeowner carefully researched his options and decided on a Multi-Flow system. After drawing up a plan and parts list he enlisted the help of a general handyman to do the installing. Painted lines on the grass identified the trench paths. A Bobcat trencher made short work of the trenching and the spoil was soon removed.

Separate trenches were cut for drain tile to carry away the water from the down spouts. There are at least two reasons for this practice. If the Multi-Flow collectors are busy carrying away roof water they are less available for desaturating soil. And contaminants from the roof and eve troughs might block up the collector lines.

After all the collector lines were installed, they ended up at an elevation too high for gravity flow into the storm sewer. Consequently, the collected water was emptied into a sump pit and pumped into the storm sewer from there.

When the photo below at the right was taken, the relandscaping had not yet occurred but the drainage system was in place and functioning flawlessly even through some unusually heavy fall rains. Minimal surface disruption occurred and with clean sand backfill surrounding the system, it should continue to perform for many years to come.