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Carmoney Golf and Country Club – Calgary, Alberta


The 15th Hole of the Carnmoney Golf and Country Club had been plagued with drainage problems since the construction of the golf course. Developed from an old streambed, the 15th hole is located in a natural drainage area in which the existing water table was within two feet of the fairway turf. Soil makeup in the area is medium plastic clay with high silt content which created a waterbed effect during heavy to moderate rains.

The challenge was to provide a drainage system that could lower the water table and provide rapid drainage of the fairway during rainfall events giving members a dry, playable surface.

The solution addressed three main drainage issues concerning
the 15th fairway.

  1. Isolating the fairway from runoff from surrounding areas.
  2. Lowering the water table
  3. Providing quick surface drainage during rainfall events

The entire drainage system was conducted with no interruption of play for club members.

Part of the solution involved the installation of 2000 linear feet of 12 inch Multi-Flow in a modified herringbone pattern. The Multi-Flow was inserted into an 18” deep and 6” wide trench, and then backfilled with coarse sand on both sides. Each of the Multi-Flow runs was tied into a graduated 4” to 6” central drain line which emptied into a water hazard.

A heavy rainfall occurred within a few days of the Multi-Flow installation and areas on the 15th fairway that previously collected water, did not. The fairway remained playable for the duration of the rainfall without significant pooling of water.

In summary, by solving the 15th hole drainage problems, members of Carnmoney Golf and Country Club continue to enjoy a consistent and reliable playing turf, even after rainfall.