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Eldorado, New Mexico


Earth & Water, Inc. from Santa Fe, New Mexico was asked to construct this water harvesting system at a private residence in Eldorado. The installation demonstrates the use of a Multi-Flow drainage system to collect and store surface and soil water.

As is the case with many southwestern soils, the soil on this property is not very absorbent. One fierce rain storm would cause major runoff and erosion. At the same time the valuable rainwater was lost. Earth and Water used the natural contour of the land to direct surface runoff to a trench line. Multi-Flow was trenched into the trench line and surrounded by sand.

The water collected by the system is sent to an underground cistern for later irrigation use. Rock was placed over the drainage system forming a dry streambed. The rock provides further erosion protection and pleasant aesthetics. Straw mulch was spread over the site to provide protection for seed during the revegetation process.