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Loyola Academy -- Glenview, Illinois



Loyola Academy has operated on its 25 acre campus in Wilmette, Illinois since 1909. It provides a high school education in the Jesuit tradition to 2000 students from the greater Chicago area.

In 2000, Loyola purchased 60 acres of land in Glenview, three miles west of its Wilmette site, for an athletic campus. Construction got under way in 2002. Now in use are:

· Two baseball diamonds
· Two softball diamonds
· Six lacrosse/soccer fields
· A scenic cross country trail
· Two support buildings
· Parking for up to 470 cars
· Landscaping around the perimeter of the campus
· 5 acres of prairie area
· Three wetland areas
· A restored river area

Surrounded by businesses, a golf course, and houses this tract of land was previously an eye sore used for the disposal of construction waste. Eventually it was covered with waste fill. The development of this site was a welcome addition to Glenview.

The drainage of choice for this complex was Multi-Flow. Vertically installed rows of Multi-Flow encased in coarse sand will ensure that this facility is usable even after a downpour. Seldom is the field idle because it is utilized by school and community. Heavy traffic on these intensively used fields should not lead to compaction as is so often the case in water-logged fields.