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Memphis, Tennessee


The Memphis area is notorious for its clay and hard pan. Many sites feature perched water and are commonly soggy. Mid South Drainage regularly encounters such drainage challenges. The recent purchase pictured here featured serious drainage issues around the house and in the lawn. Jerry Mason and his crew from Mid South Drainage first removed a French drain system that was only 10 years old and had been blocked up for some time already. Next they dug a 4-inch wide trench, cutting down through the hard pan. They installed a convenient and effective Multi-Flow drainage system and surrounded it with clean coarse sand. The system’s geotextile was securely taped at all fittings to prevent system contamination. Some of the excess water now escapes down through the hard pan; the balance is carried away by the Multi-Flow system. Due to the improvements, flower beds and lawns are well drained and should remain so for many years to come.