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Minnetonka, Minnesota


In October of 2003, Edelman Productions filmed a television show demonstrating a solution to a back yard drainage problem. The show was filmed for the Do it Yourself (DIY) network as part of the Weekend Handyman series.

In the series, host Paul Ryan and his able assistant Beth, demonstrate to viewers how to carry out common household repairs and improvements that can be carried out by homeowners in a weekend project. The scene of this project was a charming back yard that had plenty of slope, but rain water was getting trapped in flat areas. Of special concern was a corner where water accumulated due to run-off from the roof and driveway with nowhere to escape.

A laser level was used to determine slope and a Ditch Witch trencher was used for the excavation. The crew began digging at the low point of the yard and backed toward the high point. After the trench was complete, it was measured again to ensure continual fall.

Next, the strings on a 150 foot roll of Multi-Flow were cut and the white protective wrapping was removed. The roll was then uncoiled along the length of the trench. Setting the pipe in the trench was the easy part of the project. No additional connector was needed, even in the hairpin turn. The trench ranged in depth from 10 to 12 inches. This placed the top of the Multi-Flow 4 to 6 inches below the surface.

Centering devices held Multi-Flow in the middle of the trench so that filter sand could be inserted on both sides. Black poly plastic was laid out over the sloped area between the house and the trench. This will direct water away from the house.

A thin layer of fresh clean soil was sprinkled over the drain line. The sand backfill extends up near to the surface. This homeowner placed sod over this area. The drain line is no longer visible but will carry water for years to come.