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Minnesota Parking Lot

Low and wet describe the area where a Minnesota manufacturing company wanted to expand their parking lot. The Spring of 2008 revealed significant drainage issues in that compact corner of the property.

The top soil was removed leaving a uniform clay base. A non-woven geotextile mat was laid out for separation and stabilization. 12-inch Multi-Flow collector lines were selected and installed at 15 foot intervals.

The collector lines were terminated on the low end of the lot with multi-purpose 12-inch outlets. (1200M) These outlets were joined together with PVC pipe to form the transport system. Mid-point in the transport line a tee was inserted allowing for an outlet into an adjacent road ditch.

Each collector line was covered with a band of coarse sand to prolong the life span of the drain system. Eight inches of Class 5 gravel was compacted over the entire lot. Six inches of crushed granite was used as the finish layer.

Neither heavy fall rains nor rapid spring snow melts will present a problem for this well-drained storage lot.
1. Geotextile 
The geotextile separates the fill from the clay and stabilizes the base.
2. Pipe
12-inch Multi-Flow at 15 foot intervals will provide ample drainage capacity
3. Sand
All filters eventually block. By adding a sand filter to the geotextile filter, life-span is dramatically extended.


4. Transport
Coupling the 1200M to PVC pipe makes for a convenient and effective transport system.

5. Outlet
An in-line tee allows for discharge at 90 degrees to the transport line.
6. Fill
Class 5 gravel and crushed granite were used for fill.