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AT&T Park - San Francisco, California


The San Francisco Giant's pride, AT&T Park, has been called the perfect baseball park. It's not hard to imagine why! With its classic design, breathtaking views, desirable location, numerous amenities, and winning team, AT&T Park is hard to beat as a venue for baseball. But, until the spring of 2002 it wasn’t quite perfect. Following each heavy rain, it took a painfully long time for right field to dry out. The area in front of McCovey Cove remained soft long after the rest of the field was playable. Pac Bell (the park’s name until 2004) chose Multi-Flow as the drainage solution to its soggy little problem.

Multi-Flow was the product of choice because: a) it removes water very effectively, b) it can withstand the occasional heavy load the field is asked to carry, and c) it would cause minimal disruption to the field just a month before opening day.

With Multi-Flow resting in a narrow trench and surrounded by coarse sand you can rest assured that the right field at AT&T Park will be well drained until the Giants move back to New York!