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Sims Creek Development - Jupiter, Florida


Having already spent $35,000 on a swales rehab project, the Jupiter Utilities Department contacted their nearest Multi-Flow distributor to solve the nuisance of ponding water and deteriorating sod.

Due to excessive rainfall and a high water table, the city of Jupiter, Florida was experiencing difficulties with some swale areas in the Sims Creek Development. The Jupiter Utilities Department used 150 feet of 18-inch Multi-Flow to stop the ponding of water at the swales. To outlet the collected water, the Multi-Flow was connected to a catch basin that flowed to a pond. After the Multi-Flow was installed, the saturation level dropped by 6 inches and sufficiently stopped the ponding of water. Not only did the Jupiter Utilities Department feel that the test was successful, but they also plan to design additional swale rehab projects including Multi-Flow.