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Jackie Robinson Stadium UCLA, CA


Jackie Robinson Stadium has been home to the UCLA Bruins since 1981. In the off-season of 2007- 2008, UCLA undertook a major renovation to Jackie Robinson Stadium. Funding from the Steele foundation made this total baseball field make-over possible. According to the UCLA Bruins web site, “the baseball program was able to install a state-of-the-art, major-league playing surface.” Part of this state-of-the-arts package was the Multi-Flow drainage system. Long collection runs traverse the length of the field.

Because of the length of these runs, they start out as twelve-inch collectors and step up to eighteen inch.

Multi-Flow Rigi-Tap

These Multi-Flow lines were trenched in at 10 foot intervals! Multi-Flow lines were joined to 12-inch PVC transport pipes at the edge of the field using Multi-Flow Rigi-Taps.

Kevin J. Borg, Director of Facilities and Project Management for the UCLA Athletics Department said, "When I design sports fields I design them to be the best, and Multi-Flow is the best drainage system in the field. That’s why we installed Multi-Flow during our field replacement at UCLA's Jackie Robinson Stadium."

The Bruins are now ready for anything the PAC 10 or El Nino can throw at them.