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Multi-Flow’s industry-unique design allows an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, along with a variety of sizes that maximize surface area.  This means enhanced collection and flow.


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Varicore Technologies’ technical staff has 30+ years working on tens-of-thousand of projects. Each is treated like our own.  We’re ready to assist in layout design, spec writing or a simple review. Project CAD drawings and details are available for no charge .

multi flow is more than just a drainage system

Multi-Flow is a comprehensive soil water management system. Paired with 30+ years of drainage expertise, we offer simple, yet affordable solutions.  This site offers valuable design tools, a wealth of installation advice, and insightful drainage tips.

Our knowledgeable design team and our helpful customer service staff are ready to answer any additional questions you might have. It’s become who we are and where we fit in the industry.  Working with people, solving and preventing problems.  Have a look around or get in touch with us to discover the Multi-Flow difference.

Multi-Flow LDVS

Multi-Flow LDVS system by Varicore Technologies is an innovative and cost effective system designed to protect synthetic liners from damage caused by soil gas and water accumulation. Providing gas venting, drainage, and leak detection in one system is an efficient and cost effective preventative measure that should be considered on every project utilizing a synthetic liner. The LDVS utilizes components from the proven Multi-Flow Drainage System, which has been the choice of industry professionals for decades, as the standard in specialty drainage. This system’s documented strength, capacity, and longevity make it a logical choice for almost any synthetic liner application.


The civil construction industry to heavy industry, recreational and agricultural markets – Multi-Flow’s enclosed core design is responsible for many millions of feet of subsurface drainage installed over the course of 20 years. In addition to drainage, Multi-Flow solves many gas collecting and gas venting problems by providing liner leak detection and gas venting.

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